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I think I might have a stalker. I know this sounds wierd, but somebody keeps leaving creepy comments on my posts. Plus, I got a post which said that someone now became my "personal stalker". Now, I would normally think that this is a cruel joke, but my site layout changed without notice, and I think that I might have been hacked. This might be serious, but I'm not sure. Plus, not that many people stalk bloggers. That's unusual. Well, in any case, at least I know that somebody's reading. I thought that this was just an unread compilation of ramblings, but I guess that this might be a frequently read compilation of ramblings. Well, that just goes to show that anyone, even a guy who plays guitar and spends most of his time watching T.V. in his basement or typing blog posts, can get fans.

Well, fanpeople, tune in next... um... when-I-get-around-to-it, and I'll have another textbox full of awesome to serve up for all of you. This is Willdood.

P.S. Everyone who has a problem with my self-love, it's called an ego, so let this superior being lie undisturbed in his own essence of epic awesome :D


Everyone knows how annoying a waste of a domain name is (i.e. trapsites) and blogs are no exception. I know a lot of people who don't know how to maintain a blog, so here are a few rules that make a blog better:
1. Grammar - nobody wants to read a blog if it doesn't have good spelling. It sounds uptight, but it's something that we notice a lot.
2. Maintenance - Reply to posts sometimes, it helps readers feel like you're listening.
3. Updating - If you've got no posts for three months or so, nobody will read. But of course, too many posts and you'll start rambling, and nobody likes a rambler.
4. Opinions - Don't post news. That's a news feed. Post opinions on a blog. Or at least news with an opinion.
5. Rudeness - It's fine to swear once or twice, but trashing people can take your blog down a notch. Unless it's funny and meaningless, then it's good blogging.

Five rules that I find important. This friday, I will be giving my friend a test column for a week to test her blogging abilities. If you would like to try it, just tell me with the Contact tab. This is Willdood, here again a


I've found a recording program, so soon enough I'll be capable of posting my songs online. I'm currently working on a new song, but it's still in developpment. I know that most of the readers are people I know, so if you would like to have a part in the song, just e-mail me on the "Contact" tab or comment with an e-mail saying you'd like to help.

P.S. I would like that you put your e-mails while posting, it's only seen by me and it would be useful for any surveys or events that have you involved.

Your resident blogger,this is Willdood, signing off.


Once more, I've been struck by the pangs of the heart. I've had to lie again, I can never trust anyone with my personal affairs. You may or may not know who you are, but I've been struck again, and I'm torn between keeping to myself or trying and failing like I always do. Some say love changes people, but I'm still just as misdirected as always. But maybe I'm different, I don't know. All I know is that love is pure, and unattended it can blow up in your face, so I must say that I am confused. I wish that it were easy, but no, it's how it always is, and I guess it'll pass, as it always does. That's just how it works, to the uninformed person, but I know it never leaves, and either I get bitten in the ass from behind or I grow astray, just to be sucked back into the vicious cycle. Well, if you feel sympathy, empathy, loathing or whatever, just speak your mind, that's why you can comment on the post, people. Tell me your stories, I'm sure it must have happened to some people, right?

 Well, that's my world upside down again, but as long as I have a keyboard, I'll keep the people informed. Well, this is Willdood, lovestruck fool stuck in another corner.


I've recently added a new feature. Click on the fifth tab by the header to check it out. Someone commented on my last post, and it seemed like a good idea, so I'm going to try it! It's definitely not going to take action just yet, but when it catches on, it'll be a nice new feature, so feel free to explore it.


I've been trying to write a new post for a while now, and I've been trumped by the electrical company. The second I finish my posts, the power goes out and I'm stuck in the dark, annoyed once more. Not only is it the most annoying thing when you've just come back from a trip, but also, my laptop had power but the internet connection was out. It kept on coming, and it got dark. Try watching TV at 11 pm and having it go pitch black on you right after a program on serial killers. Now THAT is creepy. Well, at least it's done right?


Signing out once more (And I hope it works this time), I'm Willdood.


I have learned something. It is against the law to carry out a verbal threat with any intention of harm. Iwould like to apologize to the douchebag known as Hannes and would like for him to apologize as well for putting himself in a bad position. I would ban you from entering the site, but since I don't have the means, I might as well apologize for my verbal threats. But seriously, I can call the cops. Don't think I won't defend my right for my opinion. But seriously, stop being a prick and shut up asshole, because I'm getting sick of your bullshit. If you think I suck so bad, don't listen. I am egoistic but you can suck it the fuck up and leave me alone; you should really get a life.

Sincerely apologizing, this is Willdood, letting you think you've won.


It seems I am being attacked by some idiot who calls himself "hannes". Not only is that the WORST pseudonym I've ever seen, but they seem to be giving me threats and insulting me in front of the Internet. So now they will be called out.

Okay, here's the deal. Some douchebag is thinking they have a brain and questionign my thoughts on the world around me. This creature is thinking that I'm not a musician and they think that my most wanted carreer is a waste of time. Now, I would normally think that this is normal, not everyone is capable of keeping their comments to themselves, but this little jackass is now telling me that a fight is being wrought. Well, I would normally say to bring it on, but I have already and this ass is just waiting. Now, I have a code of honor, and that code states that if you want to threaten someone, you should at least have the balls to say who you are and why you are aggravated. This boneless sack has the nerve to break the code and go about telling me I'm a hopeless idiot well staying hidden behind a stupid pseudonym. Well, I'm calling you out. Take your dumbass nickname and shove it, I never want to see your sorry ass again, and if you don't get off your fat ass and apologize, I will call in the authorities and get something going that's above your head.

Respestfully yours (At least those with pride), this is Willdood, otherwise known as William, signing out, and I hope you have the guts to get up off your sorry ass, hannes.


Man, do I need a more charming personality. They all love do hate, or they're just there and they think I have things to do. Well, that's going to change. I have the power to change, so I will. But at what expense? I may have fun, but should I sacrifice the me that people know to become more fun? I do not know what to do now, and it's time for the people to decide. Should "me" stay or should "me" go? It's too cunfusing to decide. Tell me if I should stay as I am or if I should become a new person.

Conflicted as always, it's Willdood, signing out.


If you're near where I live, you'll know what I mean when I say that this is BULL! It's snowing in April! Now, I've heard people say that this proves that global warming is fake... Wrong! It's all climate change, and I guess we had it coming when it started snowing in late december. Well, that's one problem, and another is the fact that one of my ex-friends is trying to best me at my own game and call himself a musician. Now, I've got two problems. I've got an idiot who thinks he can play guitar with a socalled "blackbelt" who is trying to get me to attack him and a screwed up climate which is taking away valuable biking time, which I have wanted ever since I got my new bike. Not only that, but I've been trying to ask out someone who hasn't been here for almost two weeks now and I'm going insane waiting for her to come back. Will my problems keep piling up? Will I finally get a shred of happiness with my state of affairs? Will I get the girl, get the friend to shut up and get time to bike? Keep tuned in to find out.

This is Willdood, signing out once more.