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Everyone knows how annoying a waste of a domain name is (i.e. trapsites) and blogs are no exception. I know a lot of people who don't know how to maintain a blog, so here are a few rules that make a blog better:
1. Grammar - nobody wants to read a blog if it doesn't have good spelling. It sounds uptight, but it's something that we notice a lot.
2. Maintenance - Reply to posts sometimes, it helps readers feel like you're listening.
3. Updating - If you've got no posts for three months or so, nobody will read. But of course, too many posts and you'll start rambling, and nobody likes a rambler.
4. Opinions - Don't post news. That's a news feed. Post opinions on a blog. Or at least news with an opinion.
5. Rudeness - It's fine to swear once or twice, but trashing people can take your blog down a notch. Unless it's funny and meaningless, then it's good blogging.

Five rules that I find important. This friday, I will be giving my friend a test column for a week to test her blogging abilities. If you would like to try it, just tell me with the Contact tab. This is Willdood, here again a

Jimmy captain of the saber tooth tiger union and leader of the leigon of purple sunshaded unicorns

But it one of the entries you spelled says wrong multiple times :P


Hey Willdood. Long time no, dicussion.
Well I don't want to start anything now, but there are some things i would like to critique in this entry.
1. In a few of your blogs I have pointed out your mistake in spelling AND grammar.
2. The rudeness thing, when we had our fights, you were trashing me in the comments like there was no tomorrow.

Please take these things into account before the next time you give advice for blog making.


who are youuu hannes


ya u kinda freak me out! (no affence)


Isn't hannes a sock company?


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