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I think I might have a stalker. I know this sounds wierd, but somebody keeps leaving creepy comments on my posts. Plus, I got a post which said that someone now became my "personal stalker". Now, I would normally think that this is a cruel joke, but my site layout changed without notice, and I think that I might have been hacked. This might be serious, but I'm not sure. Plus, not that many people stalk bloggers. That's unusual. Well, in any case, at least I know that somebody's reading. I thought that this was just an unread compilation of ramblings, but I guess that this might be a frequently read compilation of ramblings. Well, that just goes to show that anyone, even a guy who plays guitar and spends most of his time watching T.V. in his basement or typing blog posts, can get fans.

Well, fanpeople, tune in next... um... when-I-get-around-to-it, and I'll have another textbox full of awesome to serve up for all of you. This is Willdood.

P.S. Everyone who has a problem with my self-love, it's called an ego, so let this superior being lie undisturbed in his own essence of epic awesome :D

4/29/2009 01:18:17 am

Ugh I am not a stalker. I am a good friend who lurks about in a creepy way While Watchign you! Will you make me your ms.willdood?

Lurking lurkers are awesome! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Willdood Marry me! Or should i say Williy Wonka!!!?? Hahahahahahahahahah Im not insane?why do you think this? because i like you? UGH!

4/29/2009 05:25:05 am

willie wonka ha i liked that one!

4/29/2009 10:01:27 am

hamda, its nice seeying you on here .

and that stalker person "ms.willdood"
im pretty sure its spelt Mrs.Willdood.
learn to speeeeeeell :)
anyways , your freaking creeeeeeppy

4/29/2009 10:51:18 am

is repyyyyyyyyy Ella? its sounds like her.

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