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Once more, I've been struck by the pangs of the heart. I've had to lie again, I can never trust anyone with my personal affairs. You may or may not know who you are, but I've been struck again, and I'm torn between keeping to myself or trying and failing like I always do. Some say love changes people, but I'm still just as misdirected as always. But maybe I'm different, I don't know. All I know is that love is pure, and unattended it can blow up in your face, so I must say that I am confused. I wish that it were easy, but no, it's how it always is, and I guess it'll pass, as it always does. That's just how it works, to the uninformed person, but I know it never leaves, and either I get bitten in the ass from behind or I grow astray, just to be sucked back into the vicious cycle. Well, if you feel sympathy, empathy, loathing or whatever, just speak your mind, that's why you can comment on the post, people. Tell me your stories, I'm sure it must have happened to some people, right?

 Well, that's my world upside down again, but as long as I have a keyboard, I'll keep the people informed. Well, this is Willdood, lovestruck fool stuck in another corner.

willdoods sis

i feel like reading this aloud to owen
keep in mind this is reaalllyy embarassing


ugh yeah between me and me!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA


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