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I ask you, the people of the internet, what makes a girl pretty? Is it how she wears her hair, how she dresses, what eyeliner she has? It's always a different story, but, if you follow the trails, you always end up at the same point. Unless you're on the receiving end of the compliments.

Now, maybe you wear 300-dollar perfume and live in the Abercrombie warehouse, but that's no way to attract people. The thing is, there's something that nobody notices right away, and that's the way you feel. That's why the vanity is just dead weight.

Now, maybe the tricks you learned on the magazines can work, but on certain levels, the effect you want to acheive is relative. It doesn't matter how good you look, nobody's gonna care if you don't feel like you look good. Face it, you can dispute it all you want, but going into a social situation with a beating heart and a confident stride is much more productive than being a fashion robot. And trust me, nobody loves a robot. The fact is, these companies have the effect of boosting your charm and also draining your life. It's a simple matter which I've devised into a simple formula:

While, alternatively,

In other words, the industries like American Eagle and soforth are not to be used as a quick fix but rather a tool, which can do nothing on its own but everything else with an external force.

In other other words, it's like a hammer and nails: The hammer doesn't pound the nails, you pound the nails. The hammer is just the middleman, an extra additive for more power. (Have you ever seen a hammer nail on its own? No. So shut face.)

In less cheezy words, just ditch the makeup and get a personality, it works much better. But once you've got one, you can use the makeup again. Just keep your ego up.

Sorry if this is poorly stapled together, it's just that I tend to ramble when I try to be encouraging. And sometimes it doesn't work.

Trying to make sense of this nonsense for you, this is Willdood, signing off? I don't know, quite frankly.

As I type, my beef with the little things that make life suck increases rapidly, and I seem to be played out in my personal style choices. Not many whom I have met truly have justification to their ways of presenting themselves to the world, because they don't think like the way they dress, act like the way they dress, or even like the way they dress. That is what I call being a "sheep". Style is not the way you want others to see you, it's the way you make others accept your personality, and the way people have been making themselves seem is quite played out. Do not make yourselves look the way you do because it's "cool", do it because you want people to see what you're like inside when they don't care to look closer. That is the best way, in my opinion, that you can be heard when nobody's listening, and that makes you more "cool" than whatever the common fashion is. Lose the chains of the "regular" look and get with it, because if you ask me, no red or green or pink is the "new black", only what you choose can dictate the way you see your own "new black".

Keepin' the pressure at bay, this is the one and only Willdood, signing off my own way.


Listen to me. You can do anything you want to. It's called dreams, people, and if your dreams are strong, you'll be able to follow them through. But some people just won't try. Ever heard someone say "Meh, I'll do it later..."? Well, that's why I'm shaking my fist at... Losers!

Yeah, that's right, I called them losers, and you know what they're going to do about it? The easiest thing, which is comment on this post. Because you see, none of them think that they can or should do anything. This is why you have brains, and this is why I laugh at you- You don't use them enough! Sure, you breath, your heart beats, but your legs don't move on their own. That's why you have to take the initiative and do the things you want to do, get a life, go to parties, have fun. This isn't a videogame or a blog post (Well, actually it is, but I'm talking about something else), this is reality, and you're not getting any real friends by adding them on Facebook. That's why you should be a winner when you're still a loser, so I shouldn't even be typing this, you're hopefully already closing this window and going outside.

This is Willdood, scheduling something fun, and therefore signing off.


Dating is not for everyone. Especially people who need it most. But if you ask me, there's always something that's gotta suck in life. Sure, you may be smart, funny, good looking and have respect for women, but no matter what you do, you can't MAKE women love you. There resides my problem, and that of most people, because no matter how hard you try, there will always be a reason to say no. Here are some tips for you daters out there:
Women: Don't go for the same guy as everyone else, because if he has that many followers, you won't get him. Also, usually the best guys are where you don't look right away. If you want it to work, hang out with the person first to find out if they're "Mr. Right", and above all, always make sure you love a person before you start something.
Men: Listen to me, my words are crucial. If you truly love her, then it will work, but you have to KNOW whether or not it's actual love. There's different kinds of love, shallow love and true love, and the best one is the latter of the two. If you love her, let her know. She's not hot, she's beautiful, and make sure you're not just in it for one thing.
You know I'm right, but if you really need to know, just try it. Until next post, hang loose and have fun.


Welcome to my site. Here, it's all about hanging loose and being mellow, so just let it flow. I am here for your entertainment, so if there's something you need to say, just say it. Ask me your questions, and I will give you my answers. That's all for now, so just don't worry, be happy, and hang tight, world.