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Listen to me. You can do anything you want to. It's called dreams, people, and if your dreams are strong, you'll be able to follow them through. But some people just won't try. Ever heard someone say "Meh, I'll do it later..."? Well, that's why I'm shaking my fist at... Losers!

Yeah, that's right, I called them losers, and you know what they're going to do about it? The easiest thing, which is comment on this post. Because you see, none of them think that they can or should do anything. This is why you have brains, and this is why I laugh at you- You don't use them enough! Sure, you breath, your heart beats, but your legs don't move on their own. That's why you have to take the initiative and do the things you want to do, get a life, go to parties, have fun. This isn't a videogame or a blog post (Well, actually it is, but I'm talking about something else), this is reality, and you're not getting any real friends by adding them on Facebook. That's why you should be a winner when you're still a loser, so I shouldn't even be typing this, you're hopefully already closing this window and going outside.

This is Willdood, scheduling something fun, and therefore signing off.

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