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Welcome to my site. Here, it's all about hanging loose and being mellow, so just let it flow. I am here for your entertainment, so if there's something you need to say, just say it. Ask me your questions, and I will give you my answers. That's all for now, so just don't worry, be happy, and hang tight, world.

2/27/2009 11:48:01

ok so you're saying that if I go for a guy thats not populaire he might date me!

2/27/2009 23:48:29

Yes and no. It all depends on certain aspects, but that's a good way to get better chances, because the guys that get followed by legions of women usually have more names for consideration.
P.S. Thanks for going on the site!

3/2/2009 01:46:14

Hamda who do you think is popular? cause in my book theres no Popular or loser or geeky people!!!!

3/2/2009 01:49:06

okay hamda you know he has tolike you too. :P but yes you have a chance! chex out mine !


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