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Incredibly sorry I am for making you wait, but I can't post for the next few weeks, I'm on vacation and will not be capable of reaching my computer. But, to make up for it, I promise to publish an extensive narrative of my vacation for y'all. Yeah.

Once again, sorry.

Gone for a bit, this is Willdood, singing off and putting all updates on temporary hiatus.


Well, well, well. Surprises for me, it seems someone got the word out about the site! Excellently, somebody by the name of Alore has made a blog too, and by the looks of it this mystery friend has the same emotional frequency as me, and therefore is, by official (unofficial) standards, is AWESOME. Her site is at and, please, read the posts because if you liked this, you'll like that :)

And, to top it off, she is a drumming fan! BEST thing to be. Seriously.

And to top that off, I'm launchinga new tab with my affiliate sites (friend's and family's) on it. Read.


Lately, I've been thinking about how the band I'm in. You know, the one that doesn't exist? Well, I may just be changing the name to "the one that maybe kinda might happen" because I'm starting up some stuff with a guy. Ya, a guy who I met from some stuff at a place. During a thing. Yeah. Actually no, hes just a guy from school who actually knows how to play guitar well, unlike most of the guitar hero generation. We've been jammin' and we might get somethin' going. I think. Yes. No. Maybe. Possibly? Always! Never... Indeed; I think. Yeah.

So, until the first song is published, this is Willdood, tuning up.


In the words of various great people: Awesome! I'm on Google! Yeah, that's right, I finally got on Google. Now people will finally see me on the major search engines (I'm on Yahoo too). That would normally make me even happier but it seems to me that there's another result of mine that's on top of that, and that's my account on YoyoGames. You see, I used to be obsessed with making videogames and publishing them. Soon enough, however, I will be displaying some of my early work on the program and you, the readers, will be able to play my awesome (crappy) games on my site! Until then, I'm just gonna have something else on the new tab.

Playin' around, this is Willdood, logging out.


You're probably (definitely) sick of my angry rants against the horrors of society, so I decided to do an exposé on the pool party I'm having this weekend.

Yay. Fun.

I'm totally going to have awesome music and stuff. A good 7-10 people are coming and it's gonna be awesome. I'm finally happy. For a little while. I'm going to get some good food, but I don't know what exactly I'll get. Maybe pizza. Or hotdogs. Definitely wings. Hot, spicy, awesome wings, and definitely some chips and some pop. Good times (to come).

So, while I rest in standby-mode peace, I get to be ready for an awesome party this "Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAAAAAAY!". That's some good stuff.

Have some fun this weekend, on the part of me, Willdood.


This is a blog post. It isn't abnormal, it's just another rant about my dislike of society and vice-versa. It has come to my attention that society sucks. Really sucks. Everybody says "duh" or some other primitive sound of the like if you bring up the subject, but nobody really knows how it is until they"ve been in worse situations. Let's face it, my work and effort doing what I love has gone unheeded, and you know why? Because our backward society seems to believe that the more intelligent and intellectual you are and the more effort you put into your work makes a positive impact on your life and your impact on our evolution as a society. But, let's be honest, nobody really gets far unless they're a sheep. A common sheep. The reason is because even though everybody SAYS it's better to be different and to be an individual, nobody who honestly gets far with their goals is truly and individual. True individuals are feared by the people, shunned from their nests to pursue their impossible goals alone. I am an individual. I have my own goals, my own thoughts, my own way of acting towards life, and people always hate me for my ownership of my individuality. People just won't see their wrongdoings and go past that to let us into the open. There are some like me. Come forth and fight. Come forth and be seen. Come forth and join the individualist revolution!

From all the ugly underbellies of society, this is the advocate of reality, telling you all to duck and cover, for the forces of the individuals are coming forth.


Well, if you've been watching the Comedy Network (The canadian equivalent of Comedy Central) then you've seen the commercials for the new sketch comedy show Hotbox. It's been bugging me for a while, and I've been dying for the night it premieres, which happens to be June 2nd... Today! Yup, if you live in Canada then you should be prepared for this bizarre show. It's full of the best of the random canadian actors who are unknow but awesome. I'm waiting patiently for 10 p.m. tonight when it premieres, and I hope you are too. But I may not watch it, because I have to wake up early and that hinders my television schedule.

On a less television-related note, I'm finally getting work! My father owns a few properties here in London and is renting them for a good cost. He's going to pay me to keep his site updated and help him work on the new houses. His site is, but don't go until later, because it's not quite ready yet. He's going to be buying a domain name really soon though.

Until I type once more, this is Willdood, signing off again.