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This is a blog post. It isn't abnormal, it's just another rant about my dislike of society and vice-versa. It has come to my attention that society sucks. Really sucks. Everybody says "duh" or some other primitive sound of the like if you bring up the subject, but nobody really knows how it is until they"ve been in worse situations. Let's face it, my work and effort doing what I love has gone unheeded, and you know why? Because our backward society seems to believe that the more intelligent and intellectual you are and the more effort you put into your work makes a positive impact on your life and your impact on our evolution as a society. But, let's be honest, nobody really gets far unless they're a sheep. A common sheep. The reason is because even though everybody SAYS it's better to be different and to be an individual, nobody who honestly gets far with their goals is truly and individual. True individuals are feared by the people, shunned from their nests to pursue their impossible goals alone. I am an individual. I have my own goals, my own thoughts, my own way of acting towards life, and people always hate me for my ownership of my individuality. People just won't see their wrongdoings and go past that to let us into the open. There are some like me. Come forth and fight. Come forth and be seen. Come forth and join the individualist revolution!

From all the ugly underbellies of society, this is the advocate of reality, telling you all to duck and cover, for the forces of the individuals are coming forth.

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