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In the words of various great people: Awesome! I'm on Google! Yeah, that's right, I finally got on Google. Now people will finally see me on the major search engines (I'm on Yahoo too). That would normally make me even happier but it seems to me that there's another result of mine that's on top of that, and that's my account on YoyoGames. You see, I used to be obsessed with making videogames and publishing them. Soon enough, however, I will be displaying some of my early work on the program and you, the readers, will be able to play my awesome (crappy) games on my site! Until then, I'm just gonna have something else on the new tab.

Playin' around, this is Willdood, logging out.

Gwendolynn irene averscene
6/12/2009 12:05:25 pm

i love joe jonas!!he makes me inexorably happy"!


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