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Lately, I've been thinking about how the band I'm in. You know, the one that doesn't exist? Well, I may just be changing the name to "the one that maybe kinda might happen" because I'm starting up some stuff with a guy. Ya, a guy who I met from some stuff at a place. During a thing. Yeah. Actually no, hes just a guy from school who actually knows how to play guitar well, unlike most of the guitar hero generation. We've been jammin' and we might get somethin' going. I think. Yes. No. Maybe. Possibly? Always! Never... Indeed; I think. Yeah.

So, until the first song is published, this is Willdood, tuning up.

6/14/2009 10:29:43 am

the kid you were jammin' with , whats his name ?
i think i can guess , my my curiosity is excruciating.


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