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Sorry Internet! I had nothing to rant on for a while, so I did not update.
Now, on a more interesting point, NOBODY PLAYS DRUMS! Everybody says that they can, but nobody is good enough for me. Especially since nobody even owns drums. It's a real downer that nobody is in the right position for the band-making, because I really want to start working on songs for an album or something.
The thing is that everybody wants to do the glamorized option, which is the guitar. Nobody thinks that drums or bass are the glamorous ones, but if you subtract them from a song, it will die out and suck. They're just as cool as the other instruments, so why not try? If you don't start the drumming and bass-strumming, nobody will make bands and the culture of our country will die out.
If you really care, then do something.
Until I come back to rant some more, this is Willdood.

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