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Well, I went to that party, but I could only dance for a little while before I fell into my usual slump. If you don't already know, I'm hopelessly in love, and that's been dragging me down ever since I stared into her eyes. She makes me feel great, but I just can't bear to tell her, because if you don't already know the feeling, you can't empathise. But, however, I did get encouraging comments from my friends, and I got to vent a little, so that's got me going a little easier, but I'm still stuck in that horrible one-way-love situation, and I may not get back out.
In other news, I might start writing. I had an idea for a book, but that stuff never works, so it might not happen.
On a lovestruck note, this is Willdood, signing off with dignity, I hope.

5/24/2009 12:40:48

i saw you sitting alone in the back of the room , it was sad .
but im so glad marc came to talk to you , he's a real cheerful guy . i give you all my hope to that love of yours ,
but your what ? 13 ?
do you think its really love ? or just young lust

someoone you know
5/24/2009 14:27:42

um... i didnt know you felt that way about me....

5/24/2009 14:39:55

Well, it's true. I didn't believe i that it was possible either, but anything can happen. Plus, I don't want to creep you out, so don't think too strongly of it. It might eventually go away. Right?


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