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Well, the H1N1 virus has hit it's second wave, and it's not as bad as we might have thought. However, the world is far more affected by the panic than the virus itself.

Here's my example. I'm stuck at school because it's Take Your Kid To Work Day and it was cancelled until this morning. So I'll probably try to escape sometime soon, but no promises. The reason, however, that it was cancelled, was because of the H1N1 virus possibly spreading while we worked with out parents. And then, they had it put back in order when they realised that we were just as vulnerable in our schools.

Now, the reason I'm pissed off is because if we were missing just 1 more student, we could avoid doing work today because there wouldn't be enough students at the school. But, because of the confusion, I'm sitting here researching the usage of Potassium Cyanide in English class (or so they think) and I'm just plain pissed off now.

Escaping before I'm caught, this is Willdood, signing off.

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