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Recently, my Ipod got overstuffed with songs. It seems 1GB is WAY smaller than it seems. 250 songs my ass! Damn packaging.
Well, to stop beating around the bush, I'll just say it. My Ipod is full, and because of my 86.5% average in midterm I have a chance to get a new Ipod. I'm considering getting an Ipod Touch, but I don't think it's affordable enough for me. I'm also considering a Nano, but it might also be pretty expensive. I have no clue what to get.

Also, I might be on to something with this FruityLoops thing. I could easily start a little solo work by creating mixes and adding some guitar bits to it. Not sure how it'll go, however. Also, my laptop's lost (by my sister, of course) so I can't record in the usual spot, so I don't really know what I casn do to make it work. We'll see, I guess.

Well, here I am, with another minor dilema to add to the snowball. This is Willdood, signing out.
11/19/2009 17:38:42

dude the tunes are awesome!!!
keep on makin' em!!!



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