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This is a fromal apology to the people who I've known for the past little while. I know I'm a jerk. I know I'm annoying. I know I don't make much sense, but it's you who should apologize to ME. I didn't make a choice. I'm not like you. I think in a completely different way, and nobody has ever really accepted me for who I am. This is, in a way, a sarcastic apology, because it's not even me who's the jerk. You can all shove it, because you just can't get my side of things. Maybe you all have friends who accept your abstract qualities, but that's because it's the acceptable ammount of normality that remains which keeps people with you. I've been abandoned, so I can't help it if I'm not a people person, I just haven't had much practice. So if you're going to sit there and judge what's normal and what's not, well, just pre-screen me into the abnormal category, because you can't handle a different way of thinking. If you need me, then you won't get me back with out a fight. This is my official renouncement of the social way of life. This blog is the last you'll see left of my contact with all of you. So just suck it up and accept it, you goddamned sheep.

For the last time I'll have to tell you, this is Willdood, leaving you.


I have learned something. It is against the law to carry out a verbal threat with any intention of harm. Iwould like to apologize to the douchebag known as Hannes and would like for him to apologize as well for putting himself in a bad position. I would ban you from entering the site, but since I don't have the means, I might as well apologize for my verbal threats. But seriously, I can call the cops. Don't think I won't defend my right for my opinion. But seriously, stop being a prick and shut up asshole, because I'm getting sick of your bullshit. If you think I suck so bad, don't listen. I am egoistic but you can suck it the fuck up and leave me alone; you should really get a life.

Sincerely apologizing, this is Willdood, letting you think you've won.