Well, that's the week. Our showcase columnist gets...

OOOOO 0 stars

Sorry, but you're not ready for a blog. Ever. One post, the introductory one, with absolutely no content. That's almost sad... I know her personally, and never did she try to give me the next post. So, I'm sorry to say, the first guest blogger gets no stars.


Hey everyone,
Willdood is letting me write you guyz a test blog, anyhoo this is my first test blog so I may not be as good as all you other bloggers out there but I'm trying. As this is my first blog I should formally introduce myself to you, I'm Snowy Snowflake girl, I like to dance, swim I wear braces but most of all I like it when people reply. So post as many comments as you like, BUT NO PERSONAL INFORMATION and NO SWEARING.

K this is Snowy Snowflake girl signing off. :)



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