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Well, sorry for the unannounced hiatus, but my life's been pretty boring for the past little while. So I went to the Western Fair.

For the non-londoners out there (who's that, other than alore), the Western Fair is out annual end-of-summer bash, it's open fdor a week and everyone goes. I went with my good friends Arien, Shenaia and KC. Arien got to go inside a giant ballon with 4 other people while KC blew it up with a leaf blower, and I got some silly string. Promptly emptied by Arien, of course.

We went on the usual cavalcade of rides, from the big, awesome ferris wheel to the Fireball to the wall-spinny-sticky thing to the shitty ferris wheel at the other end. I efficiently saw no hot girls, and the worst part: They were out of cotton candy on glowsticks. But at least I got to see the ad for chocolate-covered bacon and deep-fried Mars bars. Ah, midway health neglect, how I love you so....

Speaking of love, my amp hasn't broken yet. Yay.

Well, with a poorly written blog post (aren't they all?) trailing me back to my site, this is Willdood, signing off.
10/3/2009 03:33:05 am

wow, you havn'y used this site in a LONG time. dissapointing... You're not very dedicated to your readers.

10/3/2009 06:55:58 am

I know, but things have been going downhill newswise.

Wait, what?



10/3/2009 08:00:25 am

well, just write about that!
well they proably gave up on your site because you havn't posted anything!

10/4/2009 02:30:29 am

wow ur totally right lol


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