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There's nothing really going on. There's a chick, a possible bandmate, but nothing else, really. I'm just trying to get into the habit of posting.
Well, I finally got around to posting this, so you know you've got some more Willdood on the horizon. I'm hopefully getting in the habit, but don't expect anything soon. Anyways, what's happened since I last left you is... nothing. Basically, all that's happened is that I've been painstakingly trying to get by. Exams were a pain, and the new semester's a pain. Art's boring, gym's exhausting, math sucks and french is a waste of time. I'm bored as hell.

On another subject, there are no new songs written. But it doesn't matter, someone lost my recording hardware. At least I have a bandmate, but only kinda, seeing as he's pushing back the first band session further and further. But he IS stoked.

On my third subject, I'm still stuck with my boring, pain-in-the-ass family. I'm still unhappy.

Unnewsworthy, this is Willdood, signing off.

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