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Recently, I've been working on a song by the Foo Fighters. It's called Everlong, and it has the BEST riff I've ever played, but I can't find good tabs, which brings me to my 2nd fist-shake: Nobody writes good tabs! Personally, when I get my music carreer going, I'm going to have legit tabs on the site. I'm just sick at all these false tabs.

Are YOU tired of it too? I'm seriously getting sick of having to decipher the best way to play a riff, and it's getting too annoying to have to look forever for a complete and correct tab. If I get one more incorrect tab, I'm going to go INSANE! Now, my internet minions, rebel, REBEL! No more incorrect tabs. No more deciphering songs. Songwriters - submit the REAL tabs and put us guitarists, bassists and, to some extent, drummers out of our misery.

Be back for more, because I'm gonna serve another can of anger soon enough.

Signing out, I'm Willdood.


Why are you acting like nobody has ever heard everlong? That song, and band are very popluar. Remeber? You hate popular music. Tool.


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