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All right, my theory was right. It was my friend and my other friend who were playing a joke on me. But, unfortunately, they stopped, and now somebody is REALLY stalking me. The posts are getting wierder, and the messages are getting more and more disturbing. So, since it was taken too far, I'm going to have to say that no more posts will be let in unless they're completely rational. If I get no more stalker posts for the next two weeks, I will take the site off lockdown, but for now, everything is filtered. Mildly.

'Till I get my wierdo friends to stop creeping me out, this is Willdood, signing off and signing into level 1 lockdown.

S.Kaulitz ;D
5/4/2009 09:45:35

O.o They are still writeing you creepy letters? Somebodyneedstogetalife *cough*cough*


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