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Yesterday evening, my good friend Arien did a performance at the Wolf Performance Hall for National Youth Week. She sang the... han... hann... Ugh, I can't say the name, but you know who it is, and she sang I Got Nerve. She actually made it seem like that wierdo disney thing had actual songwriting talent. I mean, coming from the same gene pool as Achy Breaky Heart is generally a bad omen, but Arien made it work. Congrats, Arien, on your performance, and I hope to see you next year.

This is an impressed Willdood, signing off again.

5/7/2009 22:41:56

Thanks will! I apreciate it!

5/8/2009 07:50:05

Good job was it a competition!

5/20/2009 05:48:39

when you said han..hann... i thought you were going to say hannes


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