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Well, my birthday has passed, and I got a new amp. It's amazing- it's got 50 presets, a bunch of distortion settings, a million ways to costomize your sound and a built-in tuner. Why am I angry? Because the one thing this would be best for - recording - is useless, because I still haven't gotten the audio player for the site. But, whatever, I'll happen, right? Oh well.

On another note, school's in a week, and I still don't have what I need. All I have is clothes. But, there's still one day before it matters (seeing as nothing really counts on the first day), and I'll have what I need by then. Hopefully. It's still a little worrisome, however, and I hope it doesn't bug me too much.

Also; I've got a few volunteer hours racked up before school starts, and luckily, they count, seeing as it's all at the school. Yay.

I know I'm not getting many reads, but somebody out there has got to be reading; there's still some people showing up on the stats.

Also; news, I'm working on my third song. So far, not much has been done though.

Waitin' On The World To Change, this is Willdood, signing off.
8/26/2009 10:07:39 am

no worries Willy!
I'm reading!

9/12/2009 05:40:50 am

I read. Oh and whens your birthday?

9/12/2009 06:00:14 am

Thanks for reading! But seriously, you don't expect me to put that on the Internet, do you?

9/26/2009 05:40:46 am

No , no i dont...
wow do i ever sound stupid :P


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