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Just recently, I was in a math contest. Little did I know that it was UNFAIR! We here in the french curriculum have it all backwards, and they already knew what we were going to learn and vice-versa. Luckily, despite the linguistic changes and the fact that the french contestants had a major problem of which I have already explained, I still got 7th, and I was the number one french contestant. Yay me!
Now you're probably wondering about the improv thing. Well, I just happen to be going on a bus for about a full day to Chicoutimi, a Quebec town that's really out of the way. I mean REALLY out of the way. Anyways, I am going there to do an improv competition, and hopefully the going's good, so I should be going. Good? Hopefully!
Well, I have better things to do than... No, wait... I don't. Until I get back on the keyboard, stay cool.
Willdood here, signing out.

4/29/2009 07:38:21 am

That contestwas screwed. Or maybe it was our curriculum:p


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