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I'm trying a new layout, if you've noticed. I've taken one of the site's presets and I'm gonna try to change a few things to make it more original. Anyways...
No good news recently, in case you've been wondering. After finally getting my precious Pheonix II back, I realise that all the guys have done is charge me 20$ and re-attach the part, even after I plainly stated that I needed the part FIXED. The problem is that the input jack is shorted out, and I would normally fix this myself, but I want money back. So I'm going to try to take care of things. If the worst possibility arises, I might just get a new giutar. But I'll keep Pheonix II. She might die, but I still need her to come out from the ashes anew. Maybe a white one this time. No, don't think that. I'm not going to plan ahead when there's a possibility of survival. But who knows, maybe they'll make a mistake and murder her. Then I'll have something to say.

Well, on another note, for the first time in a year or two, I've been invited to a birthday party. A good birthday party. A hot girl's birthday party. Let's hope my point gets across. Or, even better, is a believable hypothesis.

Hoping for his baby back, this is a melancholic Willdood, signing off.

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