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Well, as you may have come to comprehend, I have returned to my senses. I had a sudden realization two days ago, telling me things I wished to know. I have been saved. Thank you.

On an alternative note, and the main subject of the post, I've recently finished a project on the book "Les Fourmis", or, in english, "Empire of the Ants". The book is AMAZING. The whole story has an anxious feel to it and it makes me really interested, and my mom just told me that I hadn't done my project and when I did, she would give me the second book in the series. I was done the project, A+ and all, when she told me, so there must be something I forgot to do. This is a pain in the ass. But, however, the project went well, and our original idea had everyone on the edge of their seats! AWESOME!

With the swagger of a champion, this is the one and only Willdood, leaving you in the lurch, as I am.

5/26/2009 06:03:36

i'm glad your back Willdood :D

6/20/2009 10:07:59

Aha! I loved the song. It was the best. Terry was kinda monotone though. Ah well. He tried.

I loved the lyrics though. It made sense! Keep up the good work!

6/20/2009 10:08:28

I missed the d. Oops.

2/27/2011 11:13:42

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