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Here's another of my annoyed posts for you. This one is about the fact that nobody really cares. Earlier this week, me and this guy named Marc were jamming. This gave me an idea for the song of the century. It was going to be the best, the overwhelmingly best song in the last decade, but there's something holding me back - my band. You know them probably, they're called... umm... nothing. Because NOBODY seems to be interested in the GOOD type of music, the type wich requires skill and creativity to play. That's rock music. The antithesis of rap music like the ever-so-famous computer-generated song 'A Milli'. Now, you'd think that a song with a basic drum beat and the words 'a milli' repeated endlessly for at least five minutes would get the rating that someone would give to a pile of crap at a pie contest, but no, the world somkehow decided that talent is not required. What has the music industry come to?

Well, playing my songs alone, this is Willdood, hanging his head in shame.

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