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Happy friday, internet people!

Well, today, I did something for once. I saw 2012 (right when it hit the theatres), and, naturally, me and my friends chose to get there two hours in advance in case there was a line. We were the line, it turns out. Nobody else was there.
Well, we saw the movie, and I give it four and three-quarters of a star out of five. Because it was awesome, but not as good as Top Gun, Star Wars and all the other ones. The theatre was pretty empty, because nobody goes to the theatre the first day because they, like us, thought there would be a line. I biked back and got some Lindt chocolate spherey things to chare with my brother.

Of course, I wasn't the only one talking about the movie afterwards. Me and my friend, because she lives in south London and it takes as long for me to bike home as it does for the bus to take her home, talked on the phone, because she turned the TV onto CNN and saw this. The lead story was that 2012 had turned a part of the audience into paranoid wierdos who were disturbed and shocked by the movie and now they think it's going to happen to US. Yeah. Crazy. That's a reason to call me.

Anyways, not much left to talk about, so I'll see you all later, tomorrow, on Monday or whenever the hell I get back. Anyways, this is Willdood, signing off.
11/18/2009 04:35:56 am

okay the reason why no one was there was because it was the middle of the day when most teens who would like to see the movie are still in school (we had a pd day) and the adults well its a little something called a job lol!!!!


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