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Sucks to be the U.S. economy right now. Especially with all the gas prices up and everything. The worst part is that the government can't raise taxes, because the country can't pay them. That's why it's good to be canadian right now.
However, because the U.S. is crashing, and there are so many countries depending on it, I guess that even if we're fine now, soon the metaphorical ropes tying us to them is going to pull, and with the american obesity rate so high, the weight will be too much to handle :). But, when all fails, I'll still be there, watching as the americans sink into their black hole of lack of money, with Bush in his house in Texas blaming the new President, the foreigners and the illegal immigrants. Till next time, hang loose.

3/2/2009 01:42:43 am

Hey wow i guess we really are lucky to be canadian eh? Lol:) I guess we should enjoy it while we still can!!!!! lmao


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