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Well, there goes the week, and here comes the weekend. And so, here's my itinerary  for the week: Chill tonight, chill tomorrow, party tomorrow night, chill later that night, then chill on Sunday.
 Pretty packed. So, as you know, I'm stressed about the weekend. Haha, funny.

Anyways, I'm here with my friend Shyann. Say hi!

i say hi kuz he asked me to  so yeh hi well i rather say hey but u kniow he said to say hi...YOUS HOULD BE WONDERING IF HE REALLY IS A GUY kuz he might be a mystical creature or a chik diskized from narnia...who knows! so yeh i cant beleive nadine didnt invite me to her bday meanie, i feel hurted ( im not a reatrd, btw, i just like to say ed alot its odd, i know but i like it so yeh i can like say anything i want on here i luffs it ---- if ur asian, post this -.- oki? ok good now hi.

Ok, then. There she is. Nadine's the girl who's party I'm going to. Yeah.

Anyways, I've got to go, so much chillage, so little time...
Well, there's Willdood for the week, so I'll see you guys later. This is Willdood, signing off.

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