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Well, the H1N1 virus has hit it's second wave, and it's not as bad as we might have thought. However, the world is far more affected by the panic than the virus itself.

Here's my example. I'm stuck at school because it's Take Your Kid To Work Day and it was cancelled until this morning. So I'll probably try to escape sometime soon, but no promises. The reason, however, that it was cancelled, was because of the H1N1 virus possibly spreading while we worked with out parents. And then, they had it put back in order when they realised that we were just as vulnerable in our schools.

Now, the reason I'm pissed off is because if we were missing just 1 more student, we could avoid doing work today because there wouldn't be enough students at the school. But, because of the confusion, I'm sitting here researching the usage of Potassium Cyanide in English class (or so they think) and I'm just plain pissed off now.

Escaping before I'm caught, this is Willdood, signing off.

Lately, I've been thinking about how the band I'm in. You know, the one that doesn't exist? Well, I may just be changing the name to "the one that maybe kinda might happen" because I'm starting up some stuff with a guy. Ya, a guy who I met from some stuff at a place. During a thing. Yeah. Actually no, hes just a guy from school who actually knows how to play guitar well, unlike most of the guitar hero generation. We've been jammin' and we might get somethin' going. I think. Yes. No. Maybe. Possibly? Always! Never... Indeed; I think. Yeah.

So, until the first song is published, this is Willdood, tuning up.


Well, if you've been watching the Comedy Network (The canadian equivalent of Comedy Central) then you've seen the commercials for the new sketch comedy show Hotbox. It's been bugging me for a while, and I've been dying for the night it premieres, which happens to be June 2nd... Today! Yup, if you live in Canada then you should be prepared for this bizarre show. It's full of the best of the random canadian actors who are unknow but awesome. I'm waiting patiently for 10 p.m. tonight when it premieres, and I hope you are too. But I may not watch it, because I have to wake up early and that hinders my television schedule.

On a less television-related note, I'm finally getting work! My father owns a few properties here in London and is renting them for a good cost. He's going to pay me to keep his site updated and help him work on the new houses. His site is, but don't go until later, because it's not quite ready yet. He's going to be buying a domain name really soon though.

Until I type once more, this is Willdood, signing off again.


Well, as you may have come to comprehend, I have returned to my senses. I had a sudden realization two days ago, telling me things I wished to know. I have been saved. Thank you.

On an alternative note, and the main subject of the post, I've recently finished a project on the book "Les Fourmis", or, in english, "Empire of the Ants". The book is AMAZING. The whole story has an anxious feel to it and it makes me really interested, and my mom just told me that I hadn't done my project and when I did, she would give me the second book in the series. I was done the project, A+ and all, when she told me, so there must be something I forgot to do. This is a pain in the ass. But, however, the project went well, and our original idea had everyone on the edge of their seats! AWESOME!

With the swagger of a champion, this is the one and only Willdood, leaving you in the lurch, as I am.