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Today, I learned something new. My nasal passages are big enough to support the volume of a peice of a Dorito. What happened was this...

My sister and her friends were trying out Wii Fit and I was helping my sister, because she knows nothing of the videogames. I was eating doritos, and one of them got a little stuck in my throat. I choked a little, but I got most of it down. Then it happened. My nose started tingling, so I went in the bathroom to get some tissues. After a few tries, I got rid of the blockage and looked in the tissue. Inside was a vile beast which I like to call... dorito. It was orange, wet and slimy, so I just threw it out. But I will not forget that today, I sneezed up a Dorito.

Until next... um... snack food which comes out of my nose,