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Well, it's that time of year again, the time when all the kids from four years old to whenever they stop trick-or treating are hyped up on sugar and the christmas ads come up way too early and all the classes you take are finally back to the dreary piece of sh*t that you hoped wouldn't come back. Well, no use hiding from it, life is shit again, and I have a reason to get back.

Today is a piss-poor excuse for a school day for multiple reasons. It's november in Canada and some of the best weather to ever really happen here is out of reach, seeing as we're cooped up in a stuffy, B.O. smelled class. I have to make a website using HTML for school and firstly, I already have one, and secondly, there's no good information on sucessfully making any good website material. So I'll just pretend to be working like I do every day. Another thing is the fact that stress is rising because my guitar, or Pheonix as I call her, is downtown being repaired and it's my only way to get rid of stress. There's what it basically is.

Another thing I've noticed is that the world hasn't improved since I last left you hanging. Still no hope, no peace, but at least the idiot politicians are hilariously stupid now instead of just infuriatingly stupid. Well, here's where I leave you until I (maybe) come back.

Dissapointed and pessimist, this is Willdood, signing out.

Today, I had a nice, painful conversation with my brother's annoying insensitive friend. He has to be the most UNINFORMED person I've ever been mooched off of. If it would get him to leave us alone, I would set him straight, but he would just take his rich-ass face into our basement while complaining how he's not my friend anymore and he'll sue us, followed by playing our videogames and not leaving. Now, I can deal with other people's beliefs, but I won't accept this idiot's insensitivity at all. He is a racist, he wants to have Obama out of office because he wants to change the U.S. and he is a religious freak. Not a religious person or a religious observer but a religious FREAK. Religion may be good for some, but this guy needs to see that he isn't right, and that he needs to get his own opinions instead of his crooked parents' opinions. I swear, if he comes over and trys to convert us to his insane turbo-christianity one more time, I'm going to explode. People need to understand that they're not always right. Even I know when I've been beaten (Not often :D) and I want everyone to see that the world has changed, and you need to look away from the face of God and into the face of reality, as otherwise you won't differenciate between fiction and truth.

This is Willdood, looking for a way to reason.