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If you're near where I live, you'll know what I mean when I say that this is BULL! It's snowing in April! Now, I've heard people say that this proves that global warming is fake... Wrong! It's all climate change, and I guess we had it coming when it started snowing in late december. Well, that's one problem, and another is the fact that one of my ex-friends is trying to best me at my own game and call himself a musician. Now, I've got two problems. I've got an idiot who thinks he can play guitar with a socalled "blackbelt" who is trying to get me to attack him and a screwed up climate which is taking away valuable biking time, which I have wanted ever since I got my new bike. Not only that, but I've been trying to ask out someone who hasn't been here for almost two weeks now and I'm going insane waiting for her to come back. Will my problems keep piling up? Will I finally get a shred of happiness with my state of affairs? Will I get the girl, get the friend to shut up and get time to bike? Keep tuned in to find out.

This is Willdood, signing out once more.


I have to tell you people something amazing. During the summer, behind my house is a ravine, with a small creek leading to a small pond. The only thing that's bad is the winter. Because it snows so much in my city, and because it's dangerous in the ravine in the winter and nobody goes there, the snow gets crazy high. The coolest thing- spring. Everything melts, and all the water pools at the botom and becomes a temporary lake. The pictures are awesome. I sware, if you were here, you would see how cool it is. But I feel bad for my friend Ella, because she sais that I live in her backyard (because all of her backyard gets mushy from the snow melting, and she sais that it's our snow that's doing it) and the flooding is CRAZY right now. Hang in there Ella, try to stay afloat.
Well, that's another post, and till the next one, just hang tight.