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I've been trying to write a new post for a while now, and I've been trumped by the electrical company. The second I finish my posts, the power goes out and I'm stuck in the dark, annoyed once more. Not only is it the most annoying thing when you've just come back from a trip, but also, my laptop had power but the internet connection was out. It kept on coming, and it got dark. Try watching TV at 11 pm and having it go pitch black on you right after a program on serial killers. Now THAT is creepy. Well, at least it's done right?


Signing out once more (And I hope it works this time), I'm Willdood.


Earlier this week, I re-strung my century-old acoustic guitar so I could finally play it. I also own an electric guitar, which I use primordially, but the acoustic guitar has a much better feel. I re-strung it to jam with my friends, but it turns out none of my guitarist friends feel like jamming or ever have time for it, so now I'm stuck at home again, in my regular cycle of TV, guitar and videogames. It's fun, but now I can't get enough of my acoustic guitar in an extraordinary way; when I play it I get bored, and when I stop playing it I want to play it again soon. My want to re-string my guitar has proved to not help me, but mess up my saturday. Oh well, at least it's been done.

Well, I have to get back to Pheonix I (I named it... my electric guitar is named Pheonix II), so until next time, it's Will and the Pheonixes, signing out.


I have to tell you people something amazing. During the summer, behind my house is a ravine, with a small creek leading to a small pond. The only thing that's bad is the winter. Because it snows so much in my city, and because it's dangerous in the ravine in the winter and nobody goes there, the snow gets crazy high. The coolest thing- spring. Everything melts, and all the water pools at the botom and becomes a temporary lake. The pictures are awesome. I sware, if you were here, you would see how cool it is. But I feel bad for my friend Ella, because she sais that I live in her backyard (because all of her backyard gets mushy from the snow melting, and she sais that it's our snow that's doing it) and the flooding is CRAZY right now. Hang in there Ella, try to stay afloat.
Well, that's another post, and till the next one, just hang tight.