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Things might be happening. I've just gotten a cheque from Google Adsense, i.e. the ads on the site (Completely safe btw, or else i wouldn't have 'em) for 100$, which happens when 100 people click the ads. Keep on clicking if you want to donate to the Hyland fund!

This little bonus reminded me that I have a website, and so, here I am. It's been a while. Are you ok? It's okay, Willdood's back.... Willdood's back....

Also, things still on the fun little downwards spiral, except for a bunch of stuff, like a trip to continental europe, a new fx pedal, a stereo i got for volutneering with e-waste and my official switch to grunge. Of course, you needn't care, seeing as you can't here me, but I've been getting in to it and it works for me, and this is good, because this semi-dead genre has a few followers, like my unofficial mate in my unofficial band, who we will name for now "the dude". Good stuff. Well, carry on, and don't worry, I'll be back in a few months.
There's nothing really going on. There's a chick, a possible bandmate, but nothing else, really. I'm just trying to get into the habit of posting.
Recently, my Ipod got overstuffed with songs. It seems 1GB is WAY smaller than it seems. 250 songs my ass! Damn packaging.
A few new elements for the website here: Firstly, I've put up a Poll Of The Week, and, if you didn't already guess, will be updated every week.
I'm trying a new layout, if you've noticed. I've taken one of the site's presets and I'm gonna try to change a few things to make it more original. Anyways...
Well, sorry for the unannounced hiatus, but my life's been pretty boring for the past little while. So I went to the Western Fair.

For the non-londoners out there (who's that, other than alore), the Western Fair is out annual end-of-summer bash, it's open fdor a week and everyone goes. I went with my good friends Arien, Shenaia and KC. Arien got to go inside a giant ballon with 4 other people while KC blew it up with a leaf blower, and I got some silly string. Promptly emptied by Arien, of course.

We went on the usual cavalcade of rides, from the big, awesome ferris wheel to the Fireball to the wall-spinny-sticky thing to the shitty ferris wheel at the other end. I efficiently saw no hot girls, and the worst part: They were out of cotton candy on glowsticks. But at least I got to see the ad for chocolate-covered bacon and deep-fried Mars bars. Ah, midway health neglect, how I love you so....

Speaking of love, my amp hasn't broken yet. Yay.

Well, with a poorly written blog post (aren't they all?) trailing me back to my site, this is Willdood, signing off.
Well, my birthday has passed, and I got a new amp. It's amazing- it's got 50 presets, a bunch of distortion settings, a million ways to costomize your sound and a built-in tuner. Why am I angry? Because the one thing this would be best for - recording - is useless, because I still haven't gotten the audio player for the site. But, whatever, I'll happen, right? Oh well.

On another note, school's in a week, and I still don't have what I need. All I have is clothes. But, there's still one day before it matters (seeing as nothing really counts on the first day), and I'll have what I need by then. Hopefully. It's still a little worrisome, however, and I hope it doesn't bug me too much.

Also; I've got a few volunteer hours racked up before school starts, and luckily, they count, seeing as it's all at the school. Yay.

I know I'm not getting many reads, but somebody out there has got to be reading; there's still some people showing up on the stats.

Also; news, I'm working on my third song. So far, not much has been done though.

Waitin' On The World To Change, this is Willdood, signing off.
Well, as some of you may have noticed, the song I planned on uploading isn't working right. The site won't let me upload files more than 5MB, so the song is no-go. However, even though it may take some time, I can upload youtube-based videos and therefore publish songs, but only in music video form. It'll take some time, but I'll make sure it's taken care of. Don't worry :D

Annoyed, yet marginally appeased, this is Willdood, signing the off.
Alright, people, the wait is over! The song I've been writing is done, recorded, and I even added a few things (piano, synth violin, electric guitar) for you to enjoy. The song is accesible from the SONGS tab, and the file is a .wav file. It<s playable on iTunes, so most people will be able to hear it.

Satisfied, finally, this is Willdood, signing off.
YES!!! Finally, I've managed to do what I've been trying (in vain) to do forever! I've written a song, and even though there's no motive for a professionnal recording yet, I might get a cheap bootleg recording for the site. The song's name is "No More" and it's an acoustic song, seeing as I don't have a band for my inane rocker musings. It'll be done today, but not immediately seeing as I hafve some work to do beforehand. Well, until it's published, just hang tight!

Happy as a clown, this is Willdood, signing off.