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I have learned something. It is against the law to carry out a verbal threat with any intention of harm. Iwould like to apologize to the douchebag known as Hannes and would like for him to apologize as well for putting himself in a bad position. I would ban you from entering the site, but since I don't have the means, I might as well apologize for my verbal threats. But seriously, I can call the cops. Don't think I won't defend my right for my opinion. But seriously, stop being a prick and shut up asshole, because I'm getting sick of your bullshit. If you think I suck so bad, don't listen. I am egoistic but you can suck it the fuck up and leave me alone; you should really get a life.

Sincerely apologizing, this is Willdood, letting you think you've won.


It seems I am being attacked by some idiot who calls himself "hannes". Not only is that the WORST pseudonym I've ever seen, but they seem to be giving me threats and insulting me in front of the Internet. So now they will be called out.

Okay, here's the deal. Some douchebag is thinking they have a brain and questionign my thoughts on the world around me. This creature is thinking that I'm not a musician and they think that my most wanted carreer is a waste of time. Now, I would normally think that this is normal, not everyone is capable of keeping their comments to themselves, but this little jackass is now telling me that a fight is being wrought. Well, I would normally say to bring it on, but I have already and this ass is just waiting. Now, I have a code of honor, and that code states that if you want to threaten someone, you should at least have the balls to say who you are and why you are aggravated. This boneless sack has the nerve to break the code and go about telling me I'm a hopeless idiot well staying hidden behind a stupid pseudonym. Well, I'm calling you out. Take your dumbass nickname and shove it, I never want to see your sorry ass again, and if you don't get off your fat ass and apologize, I will call in the authorities and get something going that's above your head.

Respestfully yours (At least those with pride), this is Willdood, otherwise known as William, signing out, and I hope you have the guts to get up off your sorry ass, hannes.