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It seems I am being attacked by some idiot who calls himself "hannes". Not only is that the WORST pseudonym I've ever seen, but they seem to be giving me threats and insulting me in front of the Internet. So now they will be called out.

Okay, here's the deal. Some douchebag is thinking they have a brain and questionign my thoughts on the world around me. This creature is thinking that I'm not a musician and they think that my most wanted carreer is a waste of time. Now, I would normally think that this is normal, not everyone is capable of keeping their comments to themselves, but this little jackass is now telling me that a fight is being wrought. Well, I would normally say to bring it on, but I have already and this ass is just waiting. Now, I have a code of honor, and that code states that if you want to threaten someone, you should at least have the balls to say who you are and why you are aggravated. This boneless sack has the nerve to break the code and go about telling me I'm a hopeless idiot well staying hidden behind a stupid pseudonym. Well, I'm calling you out. Take your dumbass nickname and shove it, I never want to see your sorry ass again, and if you don't get off your fat ass and apologize, I will call in the authorities and get something going that's above your head.

Respestfully yours (At least those with pride), this is Willdood, otherwise known as William, signing out, and I hope you have the guts to get up off your sorry ass, hannes.


I just got back to the blog! I got home from the 4-day trip to Chicoutimi at 2:30 am on Monday. I had the biggest bags under my eyes that you have ever seen, even in super-exagerated animé drawings of tired people. I had 2 hours of sleep on Thursday night, took a 16-hour bus trip where I was unable to sleep, slept 5 or 6 hours on Friday and Saturday night, and then took another bus ride for 16 sleepless hours, not sleeping on Sunday night. I usually wake up at the mere sond of my name, but on Monday I woke up at 11 am, and was an unmovable object for the entire time between then and the 9 hours before. The improv team got 4th place. We only lost to two really good french teams and an awesome team from Barrie's bay. Overall, it was pretty fun, but I barely got 14 of the 36 required hours of sleep for 4 days. Well, what can I say, when all is said and done, it was an awesome trip, and I hope that I will eventually get the pictures off the camera. The entire trip took up at least 5 GB. Well, I hope you have a good day, and remember: Willdood is here, and he's serving hot knowledge every 48 hours (Approximatively, unless I can't get to that keyboard). Au revoir, people of the Internet!


Just recently, I was in a math contest. Little did I know that it was UNFAIR! We here in the french curriculum have it all backwards, and they already knew what we were going to learn and vice-versa. Luckily, despite the linguistic changes and the fact that the french contestants had a major problem of which I have already explained, I still got 7th, and I was the number one french contestant. Yay me!
Now you're probably wondering about the improv thing. Well, I just happen to be going on a bus for about a full day to Chicoutimi, a Quebec town that's really out of the way. I mean REALLY out of the way. Anyways, I am going there to do an improv competition, and hopefully the going's good, so I should be going. Good? Hopefully!
Well, I have better things to do than... No, wait... I don't. Until I get back on the keyboard, stay cool.
Willdood here, signing out.