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Alright, people, the wait is over! The song I've been writing is done, recorded, and I even added a few things (piano, synth violin, electric guitar) for you to enjoy. The song is accesible from the SONGS tab, and the file is a .wav file. It<s playable on iTunes, so most people will be able to hear it.

Satisfied, finally, this is Willdood, signing off.
YES!!! Finally, I've managed to do what I've been trying (in vain) to do forever! I've written a song, and even though there's no motive for a professionnal recording yet, I might get a cheap bootleg recording for the site. The song's name is "No More" and it's an acoustic song, seeing as I don't have a band for my inane rocker musings. It'll be done today, but not immediately seeing as I hafve some work to do beforehand. Well, until it's published, just hang tight!

Happy as a clown, this is Willdood, signing off.

Damn it! Once more, I've got not a shred of inspiration for some lyrics. But, because I know nothing's gonna happen anytime soon, I've started writing something, and I've brushed off a few chapters to start it off. But I don't know if I'll stick with it, it's a commitment that I don't think I can commit to. But if you think that it'll work, post a comment! Always looking for comments

Still wondering what to do with my life, this is Willdood, signing off.