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Things might be happening. I've just gotten a cheque from Google Adsense, i.e. the ads on the site (Completely safe btw, or else i wouldn't have 'em) for 100$, which happens when 100 people click the ads. Keep on clicking if you want to donate to the Hyland fund!

This little bonus reminded me that I have a website, and so, here I am. It's been a while. Are you ok? It's okay, Willdood's back.... Willdood's back....

Also, things still on the fun little downwards spiral, except for a bunch of stuff, like a trip to continental europe, a new fx pedal, a stereo i got for volutneering with e-waste and my official switch to grunge. Of course, you needn't care, seeing as you can't here me, but I've been getting in to it and it works for me, and this is good, because this semi-dead genre has a few followers, like my unofficial mate in my unofficial band, who we will name for now "the dude". Good stuff. Well, carry on, and don't worry, I'll be back in a few months.
There's nothing really going on. There's a chick, a possible bandmate, but nothing else, really. I'm just trying to get into the habit of posting.
I'm having a few problems with the site's HTML. I had a whole design planned, but it doesn't work. Dang.

Also, I might start recording stuff. Maybe.
As I've done multiple times, I've just edited the theme again, and I hope this one stays just a little longer than the others, because Willdood likes. He very likes.

Enough of the third person. I would also like to note that there's a new poll of the week. And by week, I mean bizarre unusual lengths of time. Because I don't have time for regular updates. Now, anyways... Actually, that's it.

Until next time, this is Willdood, signing off and telling you to keep on rollin'.




Yeah, I'm done with regular posting. It just didn't work. Oh yeah, and I missed like 2 weeks of POTW polls. Oh well.

Well, no new news really, so I'll see you guys eventually. For now, here's some Flash animations to pick up your spirits.

Until next time, bye. Willdood is gone for now.
Missed the Monday post. Sorry.

Anyways, my sister got the Ipod. Because it's her birthday. God damn it.

Well, it's not all bad. After a little re-arranging, I got a desk and spinny-chair into my room, and I managed to find my laptop which my sister had lost a few months ago.




 Well, here I am. Sorry that I missed a day, it's just been a boring week.

Well, my crusade for another Ipod with more memory is going... not so well.
Recently, my Ipod got overstuffed with songs. It seems 1GB is WAY smaller than it seems. 250 songs my ass! Damn packaging.
Hey, Internet. I just put up a new thingamajig on the Songs tab, so check it out. It's a little wierd, but I think you might like it.

Well, that's it. I didn't really go anything today. This is Willdood, signing out.



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Happy friday, internet people!

Well, today, I did something for once. I saw 2012 (right when it hit the theatres), and, naturally, me and my friends chose to get there two hours in advance in case there was a line. We were the line, it turns out. Nobody else was there.