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Damn it! Once more, I've got not a shred of inspiration for some lyrics. But, because I know nothing's gonna happen anytime soon, I've started writing something, and I've brushed off a few chapters to start it off. But I don't know if I'll stick with it, it's a commitment that I don't think I can commit to. But if you think that it'll work, post a comment! Always looking for comments

Still wondering what to do with my life, this is Willdood, signing off.


Sorry to underwhelm y'all, but I don't have much to say. However, for those who are choosing a good pet to have, one of my many idols has some sound advice to give. Thank you, and good night.

Not really an entry, so I won't really sign off completely. This is Willdood signing off?


'Sup, my netbros!
I've been working on a song on my guitar and on piano and I think it'll work, but I don't know what to have the lyrics be. Tomorrow, me and one of my friends (You might know her, her name's Arien) are going to work on the lyrics. But, I'm not inspired yet and my friend hasn't written very much, so if you want to help, just send me your possible lyrics (we reserve the rights to edit them to cohere with the song, or to censor them if they get a little randy) and I might add them to the song, just remember to leave a reply e-mail so if you're chosen we can send you the file. Thanks in advance to all those helping out (maybe)

On another, different yet coherent note, my friend will be performing at the London (on) Ribfest, and if you like good music, coice meat and loads and loads of barbeque sauce, you'll be coming too!

On one final, usual note, this is Willdood, signing off and opening the ballot box.


As a few (none) of you have noticed, I have been gone for about three weeks to my favorite place on earth, John Island! Well, I'm back and here's your promised humungous post.

I got to the island and met of with some friends, some old and some new, to start off a great summer. We arrived at our cabin and unpacked, and the wierdness starts there. In our cabin, we had 13 people:

Graham and Jamie, our counsellors,
Me, the one narrating,
Noah, Matt and Elliot, three joking, perverted, slightly homoerotic gents,
Jude, the douchebag,
Ian, the fight starter,
Nick and Evan, the quiet (yet dominant) ones,
Scott, the frechie (I'm allowed to say it, je parle francais),
Miles, the american (He was funny),
and Troy, the "gangsta" who wanted to fight constantly but didn't really piss us off.

These people got along.... okay (Ian with his fights, Jude with his douchebaggery) most of the time. Later in the week, we discovered a mispronunciation by Miles giving us the perfect new term; known as "shut face". Excellent. The week went along well, with some bad winds during sailing (Elliot is an okay skipper, but I don't trust him), some unwanted dry-humping on Noah's part and various other negatives only slightly perturbing the balance. Near the end of the week, I met some people who I missed for a few days:

Jolene, Troy's sister and fun character,
Haley, hilarious french girl and TOTAL HOTNESS (Too bad I didn't kiss her goodbye)
and Alyssa, angry french girl with a stagnant hatred of me from time to time.

I met them before leaving for Outtrip (The cabin leaves camp for a short canoe trip, hike, etc.) for four days, only to find them gone for another two. On outtrip, however, some shit "went down". For one, we started with the dirty jokes, racism and swearing (From Miles and Troy: "When I say big black, you say ballsack!") before finally resting for the night, where most of us found that Noah seems to have an eternal case of BSSL (balls stuck to leg) and is grabbing his sack CONSTANTLY. Not a pretty sight. But worse was when we arrived at the dropoff point near the end and we found a blue pickup truck.

We looked inside and found something disturbing. A corpse was stationed in the front seat, with a shotgun placed nearby and a small entry wount under the chin and a massive exit wound in the back of the head, with the accompanying blood splattered all over. We hastily called the regional authorities and took care of the situation, but nonetheless could not sleep at night due to the paranoia and trauma accompanying this sight. We arrived at camp and were talked to by the camp director about what we saw. Scary shit.

Back at camp, I met up with some friends from last year to cope with the stress. They were:

Zack, the long-haired chill dude with a videogame passion,
Jacob, the red-haired kid with a passion for talking and solving rubik's cubes (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 within 10 min),
And some new ones:
Ryan, the short kid who was... awesome,
Adam, the tall kid who was... awesome,
and some other kids who were... I don't know, I didn't talk much.

We talked and talked about thing from the LOTR trilogy to Noah and Elliot's homoerotic perversions. It seems they were also being douchebags to Jacob, so we dug up some embarrasing stories on the subject. We talked and talked until the girls came back, and then I talked and talked to Haley until we found out we liked each other. Good times.

More than once, we snuck out at night to meet some girls cabins and were never caught (No thanks to Troy) but it wasn't fun for me without Haley. On the last day, I set myself a goal to kiss her goodbye, but nothing went well. Now, I'm in London on a computer near the dining room and she's four hours away in a little town called Sturgeon. I'm feelin' a little blue, but it'll always pass. Whatever, there's still a whole summer to meet more close-to-home girls.

Back home and with mixed feelings, this is your friend Willdood, signing back on.