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Here's another of my annoyed posts for you. This one is about the fact that nobody really cares. Earlier this week, me and this guy named Marc were jamming. This gave me an idea for the song of the century. It was going to be the best, the overwhelmingly best song in the last decade, but there's something holding me back - my band. You know them probably, they're called... umm... nothing. Because NOBODY seems to be interested in the GOOD type of music, the type wich requires skill and creativity to play. That's rock music. The antithesis of rap music like the ever-so-famous computer-generated song 'A Milli'. Now, you'd think that a song with a basic drum beat and the words 'a milli' repeated endlessly for at least five minutes would get the rating that someone would give to a pile of crap at a pie contest, but no, the world somkehow decided that talent is not required. What has the music industry come to?

Well, playing my songs alone, this is Willdood, hanging his head in shame.


Well, as you may have come to comprehend, I have returned to my senses. I had a sudden realization two days ago, telling me things I wished to know. I have been saved. Thank you.

On an alternative note, and the main subject of the post, I've recently finished a project on the book "Les Fourmis", or, in english, "Empire of the Ants". The book is AMAZING. The whole story has an anxious feel to it and it makes me really interested, and my mom just told me that I hadn't done my project and when I did, she would give me the second book in the series. I was done the project, A+ and all, when she told me, so there must be something I forgot to do. This is a pain in the ass. But, however, the project went well, and our original idea had everyone on the edge of their seats! AWESOME!

With the swagger of a champion, this is the one and only Willdood, leaving you in the lurch, as I am.


This is a fromal apology to the people who I've known for the past little while. I know I'm a jerk. I know I'm annoying. I know I don't make much sense, but it's you who should apologize to ME. I didn't make a choice. I'm not like you. I think in a completely different way, and nobody has ever really accepted me for who I am. This is, in a way, a sarcastic apology, because it's not even me who's the jerk. You can all shove it, because you just can't get my side of things. Maybe you all have friends who accept your abstract qualities, but that's because it's the acceptable ammount of normality that remains which keeps people with you. I've been abandoned, so I can't help it if I'm not a people person, I just haven't had much practice. So if you're going to sit there and judge what's normal and what's not, well, just pre-screen me into the abnormal category, because you can't handle a different way of thinking. If you need me, then you won't get me back with out a fight. This is my official renouncement of the social way of life. This blog is the last you'll see left of my contact with all of you. So just suck it up and accept it, you goddamned sheep.

For the last time I'll have to tell you, this is Willdood, leaving you.


Well, I went to that party, but I could only dance for a little while before I fell into my usual slump. If you don't already know, I'm hopelessly in love, and that's been dragging me down ever since I stared into her eyes. She makes me feel great, but I just can't bear to tell her, because if you don't already know the feeling, you can't empathise. But, however, I did get encouraging comments from my friends, and I got to vent a little, so that's got me going a little easier, but I'm still stuck in that horrible one-way-love situation, and I may not get back out.
In other news, I might start writing. I had an idea for a book, but that stuff never works, so it might not happen.
On a lovestruck note, this is Willdood, signing off with dignity, I hope.


I'm goin' to a party soon. Formal attire, awesome stuff. Plus, I'll probably have something to write about :)

Well, I'll be back soon with an actual post.
Willdood out!


As I type, my beef with the little things that make life suck increases rapidly, and I seem to be played out in my personal style choices. Not many whom I have met truly have justification to their ways of presenting themselves to the world, because they don't think like the way they dress, act like the way they dress, or even like the way they dress. That is what I call being a "sheep". Style is not the way you want others to see you, it's the way you make others accept your personality, and the way people have been making themselves seem is quite played out. Do not make yourselves look the way you do because it's "cool", do it because you want people to see what you're like inside when they don't care to look closer. That is the best way, in my opinion, that you can be heard when nobody's listening, and that makes you more "cool" than whatever the common fashion is. Lose the chains of the "regular" look and get with it, because if you ask me, no red or green or pink is the "new black", only what you choose can dictate the way you see your own "new black".

Keepin' the pressure at bay, this is the one and only Willdood, signing off my own way.


Today, I had a nice, painful conversation with my brother's annoying insensitive friend. He has to be the most UNINFORMED person I've ever been mooched off of. If it would get him to leave us alone, I would set him straight, but he would just take his rich-ass face into our basement while complaining how he's not my friend anymore and he'll sue us, followed by playing our videogames and not leaving. Now, I can deal with other people's beliefs, but I won't accept this idiot's insensitivity at all. He is a racist, he wants to have Obama out of office because he wants to change the U.S. and he is a religious freak. Not a religious person or a religious observer but a religious FREAK. Religion may be good for some, but this guy needs to see that he isn't right, and that he needs to get his own opinions instead of his crooked parents' opinions. I swear, if he comes over and trys to convert us to his insane turbo-christianity one more time, I'm going to explode. People need to understand that they're not always right. Even I know when I've been beaten (Not often :D) and I want everyone to see that the world has changed, and you need to look away from the face of God and into the face of reality, as otherwise you won't differenciate between fiction and truth.

This is Willdood, looking for a way to reason.


There are tabs on the site that nobody cares about. Everybody knows it. The tabs in question are going to be discontinued and put on the Discontinued tab, which I'm adding so that I can keep the posts without keeping the site tabs. This is the new addition of, well, substraction!

This is Willdood, and his stupid tabs, signing out again.


Listen to me. You can do anything you want to. It's called dreams, people, and if your dreams are strong, you'll be able to follow them through. But some people just won't try. Ever heard someone say "Meh, I'll do it later..."? Well, that's why I'm shaking my fist at... Losers!

Yeah, that's right, I called them losers, and you know what they're going to do about it? The easiest thing, which is comment on this post. Because you see, none of them think that they can or should do anything. This is why you have brains, and this is why I laugh at you- You don't use them enough! Sure, you breath, your heart beats, but your legs don't move on their own. That's why you have to take the initiative and do the things you want to do, get a life, go to parties, have fun. This isn't a videogame or a blog post (Well, actually it is, but I'm talking about something else), this is reality, and you're not getting any real friends by adding them on Facebook. That's why you should be a winner when you're still a loser, so I shouldn't even be typing this, you're hopefully already closing this window and going outside.

This is Willdood, scheduling something fun, and therefore signing off.


Yesterday evening, my good friend Arien did a performance at the Wolf Performance Hall for National Youth Week. She sang the... han... hann... Ugh, I can't say the name, but you know who it is, and she sang I Got Nerve. She actually made it seem like that wierdo disney thing had actual songwriting talent. I mean, coming from the same gene pool as Achy Breaky Heart is generally a bad omen, but Arien made it work. Congrats, Arien, on your performance, and I hope to see you next year.

This is an impressed Willdood, signing off again.