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Sorry Internet! I had nothing to rant on for a while, so I did not update.
Now, on a more interesting point, NOBODY PLAYS DRUMS! Everybody says that they can, but nobody is good enough for me. Especially since nobody even owns drums. It's a real downer that nobody is in the right position for the band-making, because I really want to start working on songs for an album or something.
The thing is that everybody wants to do the glamorized option, which is the guitar. Nobody thinks that drums or bass are the glamorous ones, but if you subtract them from a song, it will die out and suck. They're just as cool as the other instruments, so why not try? If you don't start the drumming and bass-strumming, nobody will make bands and the culture of our country will die out.
If you really care, then do something.
Until I come back to rant some more, this is Willdood.


Whoever saw the Discovery shuttle launch at the Kennedy Space Center knew how awesome it was, even if I was miles and miles away, in Canada, watching on CNN. That shuttle launch was amazing. The countdown we shouted at home was suspenseful, and when the booster rockets flared up, I saw history. Ish. I'm not sure if the shuttle launch was really that impressive, because I never see them, but I read that the launch was the most impressive that Nasa has ever seen, and it was pretty awesome. I can only hope that after the launch problems that delayed the flight, there will not be any problems in space for the mission, and that the extra solar pannels and new waste management systems get installed correctly and without a hitch.

Good luck, NASA!

Until next time, W


There's something which I do not understand in this world. Everyone learns instruments, brags that they can play them well, sometimes presents their knowledge of the matter, but nobody likes jam sessions! I mean, who doesn't like to hang out and play a musical instrument? It's common knowledge among people who like to play music socially that jamming rocks (and so does the jam in jelly donuts), but does anybody do it? Not to my knowledge. So, if you're out there, tell me as soon as possible whether or not you like to jam, and what you play. In two weeks, I will tally up the votes and present to you what everyone thinks. Until next time, keep jamming, and comment, comment, comment!


Today, I learned something new. My nasal passages are big enough to support the volume of a peice of a Dorito. What happened was this...

My sister and her friends were trying out Wii Fit and I was helping my sister, because she knows nothing of the videogames. I was eating doritos, and one of them got a little stuck in my throat. I choked a little, but I got most of it down. Then it happened. My nose started tingling, so I went in the bathroom to get some tissues. After a few tries, I got rid of the blockage and looked in the tissue. Inside was a vile beast which I like to call... dorito. It was orange, wet and slimy, so I just threw it out. But I will not forget that today, I sneezed up a Dorito.

Until next... um... snack food which comes out of my nose,


I just got back to the blog! I got home from the 4-day trip to Chicoutimi at 2:30 am on Monday. I had the biggest bags under my eyes that you have ever seen, even in super-exagerated animé drawings of tired people. I had 2 hours of sleep on Thursday night, took a 16-hour bus trip where I was unable to sleep, slept 5 or 6 hours on Friday and Saturday night, and then took another bus ride for 16 sleepless hours, not sleeping on Sunday night. I usually wake up at the mere sond of my name, but on Monday I woke up at 11 am, and was an unmovable object for the entire time between then and the 9 hours before. The improv team got 4th place. We only lost to two really good french teams and an awesome team from Barrie's bay. Overall, it was pretty fun, but I barely got 14 of the 36 required hours of sleep for 4 days. Well, what can I say, when all is said and done, it was an awesome trip, and I hope that I will eventually get the pictures off the camera. The entire trip took up at least 5 GB. Well, I hope you have a good day, and remember: Willdood is here, and he's serving hot knowledge every 48 hours (Approximatively, unless I can't get to that keyboard). Au revoir, people of the Internet!


Just recently, I was in a math contest. Little did I know that it was UNFAIR! We here in the french curriculum have it all backwards, and they already knew what we were going to learn and vice-versa. Luckily, despite the linguistic changes and the fact that the french contestants had a major problem of which I have already explained, I still got 7th, and I was the number one french contestant. Yay me!
Now you're probably wondering about the improv thing. Well, I just happen to be going on a bus for about a full day to Chicoutimi, a Quebec town that's really out of the way. I mean REALLY out of the way. Anyways, I am going there to do an improv competition, and hopefully the going's good, so I should be going. Good? Hopefully!
Well, I have better things to do than... No, wait... I don't. Until I get back on the keyboard, stay cool.
Willdood here, signing out.


You may think I am an eternally mellow person, but sometimes I need to get it out, and I get it out the hard way. This is a new blog series which I like to call:


All of you annoying and pretentious people be warned, because today I am shaking my fist at... PUNK ROCK! You may feel that it's just another kind of music, but it's just noise and false feelings. All you hear is nondescripidly repeated power chords and "lonely" singers who sing about how they're "lonely" and "depressed" and "wish they hadn't broken up". Honestly, you all just want to get noticed. Try singing about honest things, like about how your life rules, how you dominate the so-called "music" industry and how you leave no space on the charts for the honest musicians like me, and so many other REAL musicians. Plus, what ever happened to guitar solos? They're never used anymore! All they use is interludes! INTERLUDES! COME ON people, use your fame for good and not for evil! Maybe I'm just a little angry today, but let's be honest. Will we let these people stay?

Until I need to rant some more, stay chill, and remember that even though there's more important things to worry about, there are some things that we will not let happen.

Willdood here, signing out.


I have to tell you people something amazing. During the summer, behind my house is a ravine, with a small creek leading to a small pond. The only thing that's bad is the winter. Because it snows so much in my city, and because it's dangerous in the ravine in the winter and nobody goes there, the snow gets crazy high. The coolest thing- spring. Everything melts, and all the water pools at the botom and becomes a temporary lake. The pictures are awesome. I sware, if you were here, you would see how cool it is. But I feel bad for my friend Ella, because she sais that I live in her backyard (because all of her backyard gets mushy from the snow melting, and she sais that it's our snow that's doing it) and the flooding is CRAZY right now. Hang in there Ella, try to stay afloat.
Well, that's another post, and till the next one, just hang tight.