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Dating is not for everyone. Especially people who need it most. But if you ask me, there's always something that's gotta suck in life. Sure, you may be smart, funny, good looking and have respect for women, but no matter what you do, you can't MAKE women love you. There resides my problem, and that of most people, because no matter how hard you try, there will always be a reason to say no. Here are some tips for you daters out there:
Women: Don't go for the same guy as everyone else, because if he has that many followers, you won't get him. Also, usually the best guys are where you don't look right away. If you want it to work, hang out with the person first to find out if they're "Mr. Right", and above all, always make sure you love a person before you start something.
Men: Listen to me, my words are crucial. If you truly love her, then it will work, but you have to KNOW whether or not it's actual love. There's different kinds of love, shallow love and true love, and the best one is the latter of the two. If you love her, let her know. She's not hot, she's beautiful, and make sure you're not just in it for one thing.
You know I'm right, but if you really need to know, just try it. Until next post, hang loose and have fun.


Sucks to be the U.S. economy right now. Especially with all the gas prices up and everything. The worst part is that the government can't raise taxes, because the country can't pay them. That's why it's good to be canadian right now.
However, because the U.S. is crashing, and there are so many countries depending on it, I guess that even if we're fine now, soon the metaphorical ropes tying us to them is going to pull, and with the american obesity rate so high, the weight will be too much to handle :). But, when all fails, I'll still be there, watching as the americans sink into their black hole of lack of money, with Bush in his house in Texas blaming the new President, the foreigners and the illegal immigrants. Till next time, hang loose.


Welcome to my site. Here, it's all about hanging loose and being mellow, so just let it flow. I am here for your entertainment, so if there's something you need to say, just say it. Ask me your questions, and I will give you my answers. That's all for now, so just don't worry, be happy, and hang tight, world.